DS and the Gearbox

NOTE: After the success of this brand new course in 2018, a 2019 edition is also planned:

Juni 15 2019 at Chyparse Almere

One of the features that made the DS world famous is the extensive application of “hydraulics.” The first models were therefore equipped with a hydraulically operated clutch and gearbox, also known as semi-automatic or B.V.H. (Boite Vitesse Hydraulique). Later there were also models with a manual transmission.

Despite the more complex technology of the semi-automatic, it is reliable and robust. The adjustment determines the proper functioning. We show you how that works in practice.

The entire gearbox is covered in this course. So you get a good insight into the operation of the manual gearbox and also into the hydraulic control of this part of the powertrain.



For this course we are a guest at Chyparse in Almere.

Cost Indication

An expense allowance of € 50 is requested for this one-day training


This course was given in November 2018 and was a great success. !! That is why there is also an edition in 2019 and on June 15 !!

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