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DS and Troubleshooting in the Hydraulic System

We’re not going with our nose in the books this time.
You will check the hydraulic system of your DS on your own DS under supervision.
To diagnose a range of hydraulic faults, we remove the left front fender to access the bulkhead to see how our DS can reveal its hydropneumatic secrets to us.

We have previously made a film about this analysis.

We are going to make an old-fashioned diagnosis of the hydropneumatic system in a very practical way. We will discover that with a simple manometer and some small pipes, we can gain insight into, among other things:

  • the reason why the high pressure regulator kicks in so often.
  • the function of the stock bulb.
  • how to test a stock bulb without disassembly.
  • How to easily test the wheelhouse
  • How the height controller works
  • How you can determine an overall condition relatively easily.
  • How to find and solve malfunctions.


Garage Buren at Schuilheuvelstraat 1A, 4116GA in Buren (Gld).


Lunch and museum visit included.
Please note: any necessary parts are not included.


The date for 2023 has not yet been set.
Due to the enormous interest in this course, those interested who are currently on the waiting list will be approached first.
Only then will this course be reopened.


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