DS and 10,000 KM Service

On this day you will perform a 10,000 km turn under the guidance of the course leader. Very educational; you get to know your car better and you learn all the ins and outs of a 10,000 km turn.
This workshop is especially praised because you work on your car with a specialist by your side all day. You are pointed out points for attention and you can also look at someone else under the hood to see how things look.
Because let’s be honest: when was the last turn again?

If you intend to give your own car a 10,000 km turn and you are still unsure whether it will all work out, then register for this workshop. Under the direction of ‘les Copains’, who know the car by heart, your DS undergoes a complete turn.


This year we are again a guest at garage Johan Oldenhage in Nieuw Vennep.

Cost Indication

An expense allowance of € 100 is requested for this workshop.


Just like last year, this course will be given in the spring: 21 March 2020
An ideal moment to prepare your goddess for the season!

Ik wil meedoen aan de cursus "DS en Grote Beurt"


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