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DS and Hydraulics

One of the features that made the DS world-famous is the extensive application of ‘hydraulics’.

schema DS
And not only because of the fantastic properties of the hydraulic system, but mainly because of the problems that were associated with this system in the initial period. Whether or not rightly so: the DS’s reputation was established. ‘Those bulbs and that system are expensive’, is one of the first statements that you hear from bystanders, in addition to comments about the tax exemption of this beautiful car.
After being used for about 30 to 40 years, the hydraulic system of the DS may need a critical look at its operation.


  • How does it work?
  • What do the different components look like and what do they do?
  • Is my system still working properly?
  • What happens if I …?
  • How do I resolve malfunctions?
  • How do I work on the system?

If one of the above questions rings a bell with you, it is wise to follow this course. You will receive answers to all the questions mentioned.
The course is partly in class and partly on the car and on models and individual components. The subject matter is practice and solution oriented.
The emphasis is on the basic systems of pressure formation, suspension, steering and braking.

A selection of the different parts of the course:

  • You will find out how the height control works based on several working models;
  • You discover the effect of the spring pressure on the spring behavior of your car;
  • You learn how to adjust the overlap pressures;
  • But also: how to replace a drip bag and how to detect an internal hydraulic leak.


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