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DS Bodyworks

The DS and bodywork course aims to provide the DS hobbyist with insight into what is involved in carrying out repairs to the bodywork itself. But also when you outsource work to a repair company, you get insight to better understand a quote, for example

Dag 1: Theory

This is a theory day.
The following topics are discussed:
– How is a DS built in the factory
– What is the construction, which materials are used.
– Alternative welding techniques compared to spot welding during restoration.
– What knowledge do you need to be able to judge what you can do and what is definitely not?
– What is rust; where rust occurs;
– How do you assess the condition of the body and chassis;
– How do you ensure that when you start working on your car, you keep the overview.
– What skills do you need to master to tackle rust damage yourself, replace rusted parts and re-tighten sheet metal
– What does a bodywork restoration company do;
– What does a car sprayer actually do;

Dag 2: Practise

Depending on the wishes, a selection from the following subjects may be discussed:
– rust removal;
– Bodywork tools;
– Dent removal and shrinking;
– Welding;
– Insert new sheet metal;
– Fillers, roughing and (self) spraying;
– Adjust the sheet metal.


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