DS en France

What could be better than spending a long weekend with DS riders in a French castle?

In four days you get to know your own car better, enjoy a beautiful castle with diners in the attractive dining room. All this in the company of your fellow hobbyists and often also their partners. In the past it turned out that this combination can lead to beautiful “DS friendships”, even more enthusiasm for your hobby, more understanding of the technology of your DS, often the step from just being a DS driver to a key dealer.


This time ‘DS en France’ has a new design. Of course, the beautiful castle, the special ambiance and surroundings, the gathering with fellow DS owners and the tasty food remain the prerequisite for a lot of fun and cosiness.
But this year there are fewer classroom theory lessons and more options to tinker with your own DS. There is also an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings if you wish.
You will do the 10,000 km turn with intensive guidance from the course management. This year there is also room to do some repairs together. We do, however, want to go through these repairs carefully before you leave for France. For example, consider replacing the wheelhouse, the spring balls, or a drip bag. But a larger job, such as replacing the hand brake pads, is also possible.

The “DS en France” course is therefore intended to give your car a 10,000 km turn and to make planned extra repairs. The course remains interesting for people who have participated before. It is also very suitable for partners to come along.

For the night you can choose between a stay in the castle or camping on the estate. The meals are taken care of, we offer full board in those days.
The course management will remain for a few days afterwards. If you want to do a bigger job, or if you just want to stay for fun, then an extension can be booked, this is only based on bed and breakfast.

Have you never tinkered …? No worries, we will help you intensively. Do you have a lot of experience …? Then we give just those tips that you don’t know yet. Is your own DS not running …? You can still participate in the course, but we will find a solution.
If this sounds like something to you, sign up. You will receive an extensive information package well in advance.


It is very nice if your partner also comes! There is always a number of partners who do not follow the course and explore together or only the surroundings, enjoy the tranquility of the castle and also blend in with the French atmosphere and socializing with the whole company.
The stay is on a full board basis in the castle. Some people will have to share a room with others. It is also possible to camp at the campsite of the castle.


The location is the beautiful Château de Valogne in France

Cost Indication

  • Course participants: € 625 (course fee, overnight stay in the castle, including full board)
  • Partners: € 400 (overnight stay in the castle, including full board)
  • If you want to camp, € 50 per person is deducted.

Some rooms are less luxurious and people we organize there receive a discount (based on actual costs).

The final price depends on the number of participants and may decrease if the course is full.


Date: 8/23/2019 through 8/27/2019
We arrive on Friday evening 23-8-2019 and the course ends on Tuesday morning 27-8-2019.

Ik wil me opgeven om mee te gaan naar Frankrijk


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