DS & Injection

To achieve the right power in a responsible manner, the DS is equipped with an electronic injection system in its final phase of life.
This Bosch system, the DJetronic system, has proved to be a well-functioning and reliable system in its simplicity. Until defects arise. Then you are the hare.

In this course you learn how the system works through the various components, after which the entire system is finally discussed. You learn the peculiarities of all components in terms of maintenance, interchangeability and malfunctions.

Test setups give you a good idea of how the IP system works. You can perform different measurements on different components and on the complete system.
This course is ideally suited for the owners of a DS-IE. Enthusiasts who intend to purchase a car with an IE system will also benefit greatly from following the course.



Cost Indication

An expense allowance of € 50 is requested for this course


This course will not be given in 2019.

An instructional film is being produced from which the handy key man can get a lot of information.